Friends of the
Yucca Valley Library

Special Events

Interested in having your own LITTLE FREE LIBRARY (LFL) here in the Basin?  The Friends of the Yucca Valley Library will sponsor a FREE information session on Saturday,  May 25th, 10AM-11AM, at the YV Library,  57271 29 Palms Hwy (intersection of 247 x 62).

Door prizes include books and, courtesy of the Hi-Desert Star and VIP Printing, a used newspaper rack to turn into an instant LFL.

And the Yucca Valley Library Friends will supply free books for your LFL.

No reservations needed but please RSVP to the Friends at or to the library at (760)228-3244 so that we can order refreshments.

See you Saturday!



Struggling under the excess weight of too many books? Shed those pounds by packing up those books and donating them to the Friends of the Yucca Valley Library. This is the only fast weight-reduction plan that works. You’ll only GAIN more space on your bookshelf! The proceeds from the sale of the books allow us to bring more entertainers/educational programs to children in the summer!


When you receive your membership renewal notice, please renew your membership. You get 10 more FREE books from the Friends Bookstore and fund more library purchases. For example, the Friends have just pledged $3,600 to buy more DVDs for the library. So you see how your membership benefits both the library and your community!


The Friends of the Yucca Valley Library recruiting volunteers 

The Friends of the Yucca Valley Library invite you to an informal (that means we serve donuts) meeting in the library’s Program Room to learn about helping the Friends, the fundraising nonprofit that supports library programs, projects, and purchases.

Ever want to be a writer? The Friends need someone to write and publish our newsletter online. Film buff? We need short videos to add to our Facebook page. Fancy yourself an artist? Design flyers for us! Addicted to social media? So are the Friends! People person? You’re in charge of membership recruitment.

Nonprofits like the Friends cannot survive without volunteers who are active members of the Technological Age. Take one example: the Treasurer must deposit checks online, keep the monthly budget reports on an Excel spreadsheet, file state and federal documents online, and track deposits made on PayPal.

While we do need a few able-bodied volunteers to transport heavy boxes of books to other facilities like the Medical Center, Continuing Care facilities, the Senior Center, etc., we predominantly need volunteers with these skills:


See if these words align with your idea of a skill set that you might have or be willing to learn: Internet, Facebook, Nextdoor, Instagram, eblast, Constant Contact, database, Website, spread sheet, Excel, Word, videos.

College and high school students (14 or older) are encouraged to pump up their CVs by volunteering.

Invest some time in future readers.




This buy-one-get-one free initiative for seniors has been very successful in getting books into the hands of readers of a certain age (and you know what that age is if the words "Sputnik" or "cassette" mean anything to you! The library's move from our previous location near the Senior Center has put seniors at a disadvantage, so we thought a little incentive to come to the new location might help! And it has!


When purchasing items at our book sales or from our book sale room (the vault of the previous tenant, a bank), we use the "honor system," so you can add up your purchases and pay with cash, check, PayPal or card. To pay with PayPal or a card, just go to on your phone, hit the DONATE button, type in the information, and the items are yours. All profits come to this library!