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Desert Wild Life

The Park, the Preserve, even the patio, desert wildlife is always around us. Now, bring them indoors with a plush Coyote (10" tall), a Bighorn (11" tall), and a tortoise mom (10" long) and her baby (6" long). Also, wear a handmade ceramic tortoise pin by local artists, the McHenrys.
Quail? The metal quail key hooks will hold your keys while you sew a COVEY OF QUAIL project.
Naturally, you should bid on books that make you desert savvy about venomous wildlife--and plants like Sacred Datura.
Don't forget the unique archival materials (1970s) from "the MONUMENT" (you can always tell an old-timer by this reference to JTNP).
Enjoy--and stay safe.

Auction Ending: 2/9/2022 at 06:00 pm

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